“While many artists fancy themselves as some variation of a modern day troubadour, Christopher Paul Stelling has earned the title outright. Over the last year and a half alone, he’s played almost 300 shows spread out over 46 states and 14 countries.”

-Rolling Stone


My initial impression of Chris’s playing, aside from being inspired, was its deep connection to tradition yet uniquely his own style. I could hear Reverend Gary Davis and Leo Kottke inside of what he was doing, while all the while sounding fresh and original.” 

— Ben Harper in fretboard journal


”…his face was red and his eyes were wide, singing as if he were about to burst apart, as if he had so much to tell us and too little time, as if his mind was racing faster than his tongue could keep up with. He's a singer with the spirit of Woody Guthrie both deep within and showing on his sleeve. "

-Bob Boilen, NPR music


“The first time you experience Christopher Paul Stelling singing and playing guitar is eye-opening. Stelling's attack on the nylon-string acoustic guitar is uniquely forceful, and it serves his songwriting well…”

-world cafe


“plays guitar like there’s a fire is burning under his seat. His fingerstyle is so quick and relentless that his songs feel like they are ready to burst at the seams. It’s a tight line to walk, but Stelling manages to give each performance his all, without losing control.”

-Acoustic guitar magazine


"delights at the threshold of polished folk-pop and rustic old folk; 

and he seems bound to make converts on both sides of that divide."

-Rolling Stone


“The musical storytelling of Christopher Paul Stelling embodies a long road full of lush folkloric, mythological and religious imagery.”



“…owning his particular pulpit with the strength of a dozen Southern Baptist preachers.” 



“heart-plucking stylings of an acoustic troubadour” 

– New York Magazine


“Every song on his debut album Songs of Praise and cooks with both down-home comfort and avant-garde brio, Stelling building earthy folk troubadour stories over a fluster of wild arpeggios.” 

– Village Voice


“The way this man delivers his songs, it’s not hard to imagine him actually “tap-dancing down the edge of this here knife,” as he sings at one point from within a small tornado of acoustic guitar and fiddle.” 



“…Stelling has put together an album that will hopefully draw people to live performances where they can see what a real self-contained, modern-day troubadour looks and sounds like. Songs of Praise and Scorn is a fine way to introduce someone who should be a voice to be reckoned with in the years to come.” 

– American Songwriter


“His intricate finger-picking style and emotional, sometimes howling, vocals are sure to leave you awestruck.” 

– Miami Herald


“…it wasn’t until Christopher Paul Stelling performed that the final emotional wall came crashing down. As though he was reliving every emotional moment that went into the creation of each of his songs, he dug deeper than I’ve seen just about anyone, and everyone in the room was channeled into every second…” 

— NY Press


“…organic, southern Gothic-meets-classic folk vibe. Everything about his performing style and songs was inspiring, refreshing, and also blissfully familiar…” 

– Beyond Race Magazine


“Christopher Paul Stelling combines the organic approach of 

the Low Anthem with the impassioned histrionics of a pumped-up Jack White…” 



“There is a reverence in and of Christopher Paul Stelling that is immediately perceptible. It’s striking and it’s powerful. It’s a draw. It’s a magnetism that sucks you right into the landscape that he sees.” 

– Sean Moeller, Daytrotter Founder


“…we’ll be hearing about this soul-tugging troubadour for some time to come.” 

– My Old Kentucky Blog


“…his folkie ramblings, growled with stark emotion over finger-plucked guitar melodies, sound like they should be coming from the gabled front stoop of a Southern swamp-side bar.” 

– Stuff Boston


“The finger-picking force sings his own quavering brand of hellfire and hope 

across these 10 songs, which whip the listener back and forth like a steam-powered hayride.” 



“Stelling is a troubadour in the truest sense. His songs find their roots in the storytelling methods of southern folk music. His meticulous finger plucking guitar playing couples well with his commanding vocal style as he weaves the two around stellar songwriting that encompasses subjects near and dear to early American folk artists.” 

– NBC New York


“beautiful and touching in an understated way.” 

– WYEP (Pittsburgh)


“like a campfire, he is mesmerizing, slightly dangerous and always a good time.” 

– NBC New York


“His abstracted folk is simultaneously alternative and traditional.  Along with echoes of John Fahey, the spirit of old frontier ghosts can be heard in all their strife and nobility.” 

– Orlando Weekly


“The amount of talent that comes from Christopher Paul Stelling is difficult to put into words… press play to any one of his songs, and immediately you will find yourself transported to a place you will never want to leave.” 

– The Vinyl District


“Songs of Praise & Scorn evokes images of ghostly ruin and delicate beauty under endless empty skies.” 

– Music Connection


“The balance between beautifully crafted ballads and fast-paced jams on Songs Of Praise And Scorn is perfect…” 

– The Aquarian Weekly


“Songs of Praise & Scorn is a gem of a guitar-driven folk storytelling” 

– The Owl Mag

“With Songs of Praise & Scorn, Stelling captures the true essence of American folklore 

and proves with this album, that he is quite the force of nature this music industry needs.” 

– This Coast Magazine

“Like folk singers of centuries past, Stelling isn’t afraid to dwell on the dark side. 

When he feels like letting go, he writes in a symbolic, cryptic style that eludes simple analysis.” 

– iTunes